A Note From Karolyn

July 8, 2020


We are making plans for the fall and classes are already getting full! We have waiting lists and are trying to accommodate as many families as safely possible. I hope you are having a fun filled summer because here at CLC, we are having a super-d-duper time!

Much love,


June 24, 2020

We are doing it! We are in the middle of week 4 and I could not be more proud of my staff and students!

There are so many changes due to Covid-19, new protocols, smaller class sizes, cleaning and cleaning and did I mention cleaning? But we are happy and having fun together. We wear masks (2 year old class and older), we temp/symptom check at the door, wipe down disposable plastic lunch bags and spill proof cups. Our grown up signs us in for the day and we leave mom and dad at the front door, walk in to the hand washing station, walk through the sanitizing mat and then it is time for the fun to begin! Kids never cease to amaze me. They are so ready to learn and love. All of the grown ups in their lives have a huge responsibility to look after them in the best way possible. Here at CLC, we are doing our best to take care of your littlest treasures! Thank you for trusting us!

Much love,


May 29, 2020

Whew. What a week!

The staff at CLC has been working feverishly all week to get ready to reopen Monday, June 1! We are so excited.

There are many new procedures we will follow but we are still going to have a ton of fun this summer session! Yes, we will be wearing masks. Yes, we will be keeping our physical distance and limiting personal contact but we will still be loving our students and giving them the best we have to offer! There are a few spot available so give us a call to sign up! (817) 483-6692

May 4, 2020

Thank you for stopping by to see what CLC has to offer!

As we are navigating the Covid-19 situation, we are ever mindful of its impact on our CLC community, the students, staff and parents alike. There are still so many things we do not know and so many things to consider before we reopen our preschool. Please know that when we reopen (hopefully on June 1), things will look different. Drop off and pick up, what can be brought into the center (lunches, clothing, car seats, etc.), who can enter the center, the new standard for staff to student ratios, etc. We are constantly scouring the government websites to glean the information pertaining to preschools/day care. In order to keep everyone safe, CLC will abide by the current directives in place with the full knowledge that those directives can change quickly. There may be times we have to make decisions based on "best practice". These decisions will not conflict directives but may be stricter. There will be constant reminders to maintain social distancing and limiting physical contact. Please consider what the next months will bring as we reopen with new policies and practices. Please be kind and patient as we maneuver these uncharted waters here at CLC. Most of all, please abide by the rules so we can stay open once our doors are reopened. 


We want everyone to stay healthy and safe. We want preschool to open again so we can serve parents. We want to see you all.

Much love,


April 3, 2020


We were supposed to reopen school on Monday, April 6.

Now we are hoping for May 4.

I am sad and missing you all. I know this will end. I believe that God has a plan. I trust Him. You can trust Him too.

Praying for grace and mercy for us all and that this Covid-19 virus would be eradicated so that we can all begin to live our lives together, in person, again!

Consider yourself virtually hugged!

Much love,



March 18, 2020

Dear Ones,

I have had a number of you ask what you should be doing with your little darlins' during this time away from CLC.

Let me first say, let yourself off the hook. You do not need to worry about anyone being left behind academically. We are all in the same boat. I know some of you have to work. I know some of you are without work at all. With all of that in mind, may I suggest the following:

1-Pray. About everything. There is ONE certainty in all of this...GOD. TRUST HIM. If you have questions about a personal relationship with Jesus, please message me. I can introduce you!

2-Stay home unless it is for absolute necessities. Keep the kids home. I know it is hard. But you can do this.

3-Stay informed. Make sure the news you are believing (and spreading) is accurate information.

4-Reach out if you need help. If you or someone in your family becomes ill, please CALL a doctor and proceed as they direct. It might save you a trip to their office/hospital only to be sent home for lack of specific symptoms. If someone does become sick please quarantine them at home and follow the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommendations.

5-Keep the kids moving. Exercise. Play games. Help them learn to entertain themselves with a deck of cards, a bucket of rocks, or an empty box. Read to them. Have them help with the household chores. Let them run and play in the yard. Dig in the mud. Pull weeds. Draw with chalk on the sidewalk. Build blocks/Legos. Call or Face-time relatives and friends. Sort Laundry. Help with meal time.Work on manners and how to treat other people. Help them speak clearly. Not just allowing them to talk about what they are thinking and feeling (which you should) but help them speak correctly. I tell the kids that every letter has a sound and they all need to be heard!

This is a perfect time to do what we educators wish we could do but cannot...give individualized attention to each child for extended periods of time.

6-Learn something new as a family. How does a toilet work? How does milk get to our refrigerator? Learn about each other. Tell them what you do at work. Tell them stories about when you were little and about that crazy uncle we all have! 😉 Ask them what they think...about anything. Tell jokes. Laugh. Smile. Reassure. Hug A LOT!

7- Reconnect with your spouse. You need each other and your children need you.

I love you all. My heart is heavy thinking about all that you are dealing with now. This is a hard time for EVERYONE. You are not alone. We all are dealing with decisions to be made and when to make them, fear (our own and our kid's fears too), uncertainty about what the next days/weeks/months will bring. We can do this. WE can!

Much love,